Outdoor cooking is the trend of the year! Last year, this trend came over from America to other countries. It is ideal to enjoy outdoor cooking in combination with enjoying the heat. After all, why move from outside to inside to cook, when you can just do it outside? Read more about the possibilities of outdoor cooking.

From fire basket to barbecue

BonFeu’s fire baskets and garden fireplaces such as the BonVes and BonTino give off wonderful heat and bring instant atmosphere. Due to the perforated steel or the opening at the front of the fire, there is a beautiful view of the dancing flames in these fireplaces. These fire baskets can not only be used as a heat source or atmospheric element, but are also perfect for grilling, wokking and baking. A stainless steel grill grid and wok ring are included as standard. In addition, by buying a plancha baking plate, you can completely transform the fire basket into a small outdoor kitchen. From the fire underneath, the plate is heated and dishes can be grilled on it quickly and easily. All you need is oil and a spatula!

The BonFeu BonVes firepit with food
Pizza party

The stainless steel grill grate, supplied as standard, can be used as a rotating tray that can be placed in the BonSelo, BonSolo and BonBono patio fire, for example.  The turnable grill can easily be turned in and out of the fireplace without coming into direct contact with the fire. Is the pizza ready to grill? Then place the pizza on the grill and turn it over the heat source. Be careful not to turn the fire up too high, or your pizza will turn black. The BonFeu patio fireplaces are specially designed for use on a terrace or lawn. The fireplaces are made of steel, have a heat-resistant coating and include a piece of stove pipe for excellent smoke extraction. An even easier option for making a pizza is via the BonBiza. For this, we have specially designed a pizza oven. This will make the quality of your pizza even better!

Smoked Fish

Do you also enjoy a delicious smoked fish? Then the BonFeu fire bowl with broiling board is just the thing for you. Simply attach the fish smoking board to the edge of your fire bowl with the clamps and enjoy a delicious wood-smoked piece of fish! Want the fish to smoke slowly? Then bend the fish smoking board slightly backwards. For fast smoking, bend the fish smoking board forward. Smoking is a way of preparing food that is low-fat, this means no oil or fats are involved. It gives a unique smoky flavour to your dishes.

Cooking for a group

Are you having a party soon or will a larger number of people be joining you for dinner? Then the BonFeu BonBiza is the fire basket and outdoor kitchen in one that you need to get in the house. The BonBiza is wood-fired and gives off wonderful heat. Besides being ideal for heat, it can also be used for delicious cooking. The griddle has a diameter of 80 cm, which is big enough to cook for a group of family or friends. The heat gradually radiates from the centre to the edge of the plancha. Because the BonBiza has multiple frying temperatures, it can be used to prepare all kinds of things, such as boiling vegetables, smoking a fish or grilling meat. Unlike other cooking appliances that can be used outdoors, the BonFeu BonBiza is virtually maintenance-free and also very easy to clean. All the dirt from cooking can easily be slid into the fire and with a damp cloth over it, the plancha is ready for its next use.

Private dining with a BonFeu chef

Prefer to leave the cooking to the specialists? Then check out our partnerships with specially appointed BonFeu chefs. For example, chef Armijn can personally come to your location to cook his artisanal culinary creations. And chef Bart van de Wal also uses the BonBiza to support private dining, focusing on the exclusive segment of the catering industry. Want to try plancha baking yourself with the help of a chef? Then Axel van Lent of Baxel catering can certainly help you. Axel is a true barbecue guru and can give you and your friends or family a fun BonBiza workshop. By doing so, you will still learn the ropes of plancha baking yourself and enjoy your homemade food right away.

With these 5 ways, outdoor cooking will truly be child’s play for you. Do you have more questions about outdoor cooking with BonFeu? Then contact us at info@bonfeu.nl