Christmas is just around the corner. So celebrate with your family and friends outside for once this year. Cosy up around an atmospheric BonFeu fire, make all the preparations for the Christmas dinner and enjoying snacks and drinks in the ultimate Christmas atmosphere. At BonFeu, we give you some great ideas that can be implemented. This way, you will have a very merry Christmas with BonFeu.

No real Christmas garden without garden decorations

Preparations are being made and so it is time to think about decorations in your garden. Winters are less cold these days, but to still create some more warmth and atmosphere, installing one or more BonFeu Fire Bowls is a nice idea. Besides giving you warmth and atmosphere, the fire bowl also has other possibilities. For example, make a hot chocolate, a tasty mulled wine or roast some marshmallows over the fire.

How to create an atmospheric Christmas dinner with BonFeu

1. With the BonFeu BonBiza, you bring a special outdoor kitchen into your home. It allows you to prepare delicious dishes, a true collector’s item for professional and amateur cooks. The BonBiza’s fire bowl is wood-fired and gives off wonderful heat, so you can continue to enjoy it throughout the winter. The BonBiza consists of a firebowl on a pedestal topped by a large round griddle, or plancha. Heat gradually radiates from the centre of the firebowl to the edge of the baking tray. The plancha has multiple baking temperatures, making it suitable for all kinds of applications. During the holidays, go for a delicious seasonal meat such as a steak or duck breast and cook delicious vegetables to go with it. Optionally, guests could prepare their own meal.

2. Outdoor cooking also becomes a lot more fun with the BonFeu BonGiano, BonTino and BonCarré. With these garden fireplaces, it is ideal to use a cast-iron pan or frying pan. The patio fireplaces come with a lid. This lid can easily be replaced by the supplied BBQ grid or the stainless steel wok ring. The wok ring on the garden fireplaces allow you to use a pan on top of the fire that stays firmly in place. During the holidays, opt for a tasty stew or roast.

3. However, if you are more into grilling meat such as a hamburger or a fluffy pizza, then the BonVes is a nice option. The BonVes fire basket is equipped with a practical grill grid. The grill grid is supplied separately and can easily be placed on the fire basket. When you have finished grilling, enjoy the warm fire by removing the grid.

Professional and protective with an apron

When you are preparing delicious food, the picture is obviously not complete without a cool pair of a BonFeu Apron. While frying and grilling food, hot flames can hit you and (grease) stains can appear on your clothes. Besides protection, a pair of BonFeu leather apron also gives a professional look.

So you can organise a great Christmas with BonFeu’s fireplaces. Do you have any questions about how else you can use the fireplaces? Then contact us at