The BonFeu BonBiza is the showpiece of the BonFeu collection. It is an outdoor kitchen with which you can prepare delicious dishes, a true collector’s item for professional and amateur cooks! In this blog, we would like to explain the possibilities and advantages of the BonBiza.

A fantastic barbecue experience all year round


A multifunctional outdoor kitchen where you can enjoy warmth, fire, outdoor cooking, friendships and conviviality in the garden, that’s the BonBiza! Whether you are cooking a neighbourhood barbecue or a 21-course dinner, you can prepare delicious dishes with the BonBiza. After dinner, you can enjoy the company of your friends or family around the garden fireplace.  

Get ready

The BonBiza consists of a base and a fire bowl with baking plate. Choose a nice spot in the garden, place the two parts on top of each other and you can start cooking. Extra: the BonBiza also comes with a grill grid as standard.  

The plancha

6 mm thick plancha baking plate  

With the 6 mm thick baking plate, the BonBiza is a guarantee for high quality steel. The baking plate is shaped slightly inwards so that fat easily runs back into the fire so that you do not get dirty tiles.


Make sure the plancha is always greased. Not using the BonBiza for a while? Then remove the plancha and store it greased in the shed for the time being. This prevents the baking plate from rusting (it is steel, after all), so you can start again the next time.


The posibilities

Available in black or corten steel 

The BonBiza is available in black steel or corten steel. Corten steel is known as weatherproof and durable steel. Do you have a modern garden and prefer a more classical look? Then the black version may be for you.   

But beware: the outdoor kitchen is made from steel, which has the property of rusting. So the black BonBiza will not always stay black, which does not detract from its great quality.

BonBiza closed and open  

BonFeu has recently added a new addition to the BonBiza range, the BonBiza open. This outdoor kitchen has an opening in the base so you can easily store your logs. Besides being very handy, this storage space also looks beautiful. 

The BonBiza experience  

Don’t know where to start or want the complete plancha experience? Then we have something for you. Our expert chefs can teach you all the tricks of plancha baking on your new BonBiza in a cookery workshop.   

Would you rather just relax and enjoy culinary delights? Then the private dining offer from one of our chefs would suit you better. View our BonFood range or the BonBiza collection and be inspired. 

Cooking outside becomes a party with the BonFeu outdoor kitchens. So check out all BonFeu products and planchas on our website, find a dealer and don’t wait any longer!

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