We have added a new garden fireplace to the BonFeu fireplace collection, namely the BonFeu BonGiro. The BonGiro is an authentic black fireplace and available from the end of March 2022 at one of our dealers. Read more about the specifications and possibilities of this new fireplace.  


About the BonGiro

The perfect place

The BonGiro garden fireplace is unique in its kind because of the low legs of the fireplace. The low legs ensure a very good stability because there is a lower centre of gravity. The fireplace is therefore also extremely suitable for use under a roof or veranda. Make sure that you do not place the entire garden fireplace under the roof, but extend the stove pipe so that the smoke develops outside the roof.  

How it’s unique

The body of the BonGiro has a diameter of no less than 55 cm and the height of the fireplace is comparable to that of our BonSolo garden fire. Like (almost) all fireplaces, our BonFeu logo is also cut out of the body of the BonGiro fire to create a beautiful flame effect. The door of the BonGiro is provided with a practical spark screen so that you are not bothered by jumping sparks. In short, this new fireplace is extremely practical and authentic!  

Cooking with the BonGiro 


Of course we have also ensured with the BonGiro that there is a possibility to cook on the fire! This is because it comes standard with a grill grid that can be rotated so that it can be easily taken in and out of the fireplace without getting your hands dirty. Turn the grill grid outwards, put some meat on it and turn it back inside and close the door. Your barbecue meat will be ready in no time!  

Protecting the fireplace

The garden fireplace is treated with a heat-resistant coating, ensuring a constant heat output. The BonGiro is currently only available in black steel. Steel has the property to rust so do not be alarmed when this happens, this does not affect the quality of this fireplace. A poker is included so that you can move the logs to easily keep the fire going.  

BonFeu garden fireplaces 

The BonGiro is, just like most BonFeu fireplaces, recognisable by its design and high quality. The three legs, the cut-out logo and the cooking possibilities are therefore often seen in our garden fires collection.   

The BonGiro garden fire is brand new in our collection and available from the end of March. Check our dealer page to find a dealer where the BonGiro will be available.   


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