A crackling fire in the garden, who doesn’t dream of it? With BonFeu’s diverse collection of garden fireplaces, this dream becomes a reality. Whether you have a small patio or a sprawling garden, BonFeu offers a range of stylish and functional garden fireplaces. Let’s take a closer look at what this collection has to offer.

BonSolo: Compact elegance with many cooking options

The BonSolo is the successor to the original BonBini and is perfect for those looking for a compact but eye-catching garden fireplace. With its lasered logo on the front and the option for cooking, the BonSolo is a real eye-catcher. Available in rust and black, this garden fireplace fits into any outdoor environment. Highlight its versatility by mentioning that you can easily place a plancha, wok pan or grill on the BonSolo. Ideal for those looking for a wood-burning stove with cooking capabilities.


BonBono: medium-sized splendour with rotary grill

The BonBono succeeds the BonSelo and is a medium-sized garden fireplace with a rotary grill. The lasered BonFeu logo, the stabilising extendable legs and the possibility of cooking make this fireplace an excellent choice for those who love medium-sized garden fireplaces. Available in rust and black. Optimum enjoyment of a crackling fire and delicious dishes thanks to the rotisserie grill. A versatile outdoor patio fireplace.


BonGiano SP & BonGiano LP: Small and large for terraces or lawns

The BonGiano SP is the smaller brother of BonGiano LP, both designed for use on terraces or lawns. The heat-resistant coating and removable spark screen ensure safety, while the ability to cook adds functionality. Choose between rust and black for a stylish addition to your outdoor space. A compact yet versatile solution for terraces and lawns. Discover these outdoor fireplaces and enjoy the atmosphere.


BonTino: space and style with removable spark screen

Larger than the BonGiano, the BonTino garden fireplace offers more space and style for your patio or lawn. With the same features as other BonFeu fireplaces, such as a removable spark screen and stabilising retractable legs, the BonTino is ideal for those who love a larger fireplace. The removable spark screen provides extra safety and easy cleaning. A perfect choice if you are looking for an outdoor wood stove with style.

BonTon 50

BonTon: three sizes for large gardens and terraces

For those with large gardens and terraces, the BonTon is the ideal choice. Available in three sizes (40, 50 and 60), with an ash tray and a removable spark screen, this garden fireplace offers grandeur and functionality. Let the flames dance while the BonTon efficiently expels smoke. An impressive choice for wider outdoor spaces. Discover the perfect stove for wood and enjoy the warmth.


BonCarré: multifunctional square beauty

The BonCarré is a medium-sized, multifunctional garden fireplace with a unique square design. With heat-resistant coating, a removable spark screen and cooking options, this fireplace is a valuable addition to any patio or garden. The BonCarré offers not only style but also versatility with its cooking options. An ideal choice for those looking for a multifunctional outdoor fireplace.

BonPyra & BonGiro

BonPyra & BonGiro: imposing style

The BonPyra offers an imposing look with its pyramid-shaped design, tall chimney pipe and handy ash pan. Little smoke, but lots of atmosphere! On the other hand, the BonGiro, with its lower legs and constant heat output, is a compact and functional addition to the BonFeu collection. Add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space with the imposing style of the BonPyra and the compact functionality of the BonGiro. Discover the best patio fireplaces and garden stoves here.

Discover the diversity of BonFeu garden fireplaces and create a warm, cosy atmosphere in your outdoor space. With choices in size, style and functionality, you’re sure to find the perfect fireplace for your unique outdoor living space. Choose your favourite BonFeu garden fireplace and enjoy outdoor living in style!