As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, guests retreat to a warm and cosy restaurant more often. Yet it can be nice to enjoy the terrace even during the winter months. At BonFeu we know how to create a pleasant atmosphere both inside and outside! Therefore, we give 3 winter tips to give your terrace or beach pavilion an atmospheric upgrade. Read on for the possibilities and get inspired.  

Winter tip 1: BonFeu fireplaces at the entrance or on the terrace 

When the temperature drops, it becomes less and less pleasant to sit outside. Many restaurants arrange warm blankets and electric heaters hanging from the awnings. Two examples that keep your guest warm to a certain extent but where the atmospheric element is poor. To prevent cooling down on the terrace and to create atmosphere, a BonFeu wood-burning fireplace can offer a solution. Central to the entrance or spread across the terrace, the well-known BonFeu fireplaces are real eye-catchers!    

A popular BonFeu fire within the hospitality industry is the BonFeu BonBono. This stylish garden fireplace is extremely suitable for use on a hospitality terrace because of the comfortable warmth and attraction of the fire. In addition, the BonTon series is also popular and an eye-catcher at your beach pavilion. The BonTon 60 is no less than 198 cm high and therefore an imposing appearance that your guests cannot miss. The BonFeu fireplaces are often available in black or rusted steel.

Winter tip 2: Surprise your guests with a winter BBQ 

How about doing it differently at Christmas or in the summer? Within our BonFeu range, the BonBiza is the ideal outdoor kitchen to surprise and pamper your guests in a culinary way. All kinds of meat, fish and vegetables can be prepared on the multifunctional cooker. The BonBiza can also be used as a heating element on your terrace. The BonBiza creates a central place for guests to warm up and enjoy a glass of glühwein together. That is something else than a standard Christmas dinner!     

Finally, the barbecue accessories for our fire bowls are new in our range. A cosy campfire next to a fire bowl can create a nice winter atmosphere for your guests. The BonFeu BonBowl Plus (fire bowl on 3 legs) is perfect for this and together with a BonFeu plancha baking plate or grill plate, you also have the option of a barbecue.   

Winter tip 3: Make it cosy inside with an electric fire

After a walk on the beach, guests like to crash inside with hot chocolate in a place where they can warm up. Electric fireplaces are the perfect solution for this because they show a lifelike flame pattern and spread pleasant warmth throughout the room. Within our range we therefore offer the BonFeu BonFlame Optiflame.  

The BonFeu BonFlame is unique in its kind because the atmospheric fireplace can be placed under a roof or covered terrace! This is possible because the fireplace is IP44 certified and therefore moisture- and splashproof. The Optiflame flame technology and the heating element also ensure a lifelike fire. Finally, you can choose from different colour themes, so there is the right colour experience for every atmosphere.    

Sustainable business
An electric fire also fits in with the current theme of sustainable business. With an atmospheric fire, you bring the warmth of a fireplace into your beach tent, without a gas connection or flue. Many electric fireplaces are also equipped with a special LED technology that provides the right light intensity. In short, a future-proof, sustainable and atmospheric investment.    

The atmosphere makers
We of BonFeu know only too well how you can create the best atmosphere and warmth. That is why BonFeu is becoming more and more known in the world of outdoor cooking and outdoor life. Be inspired by our product range on with modern fireplaces that match the latest trends in interior and design.   

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