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Bart van de Wal

Bart van de Wal loves working with beautiful products and BonFeu is one of them! Coming from the higher segment of the catering industry, he now runs his own private dining & catering company and cooks on the BonFeu BonBiza. With a range of exclusive dining and a high standard, Bart focuses on quality.

Bart van de Wal

Bart is 32 years old and lives in Oirschot. Thanks to his experience at e.g. de Lindehof in Nuenen(**) and TreeswijkHoeve(**) in Waalre, he is familiar with all aspects of professional cooking. At his last employer, Kasteel Maurick, he worked as kitchen manager. A few years ago, he was asked to cook privately in France. He liked this so much that he really wanted to do something with his own ambition. For a long time, he thought about opening a restaurant, but it finally materialised in his own private dining enterprise.

“It started with private cooking in France, which made me want more.”

“Before I got this cool assignment in France, I was already doing food styling for the Power Slim brand. At the time, I also produced some cookbooks for them, so if BonFeu ever wants to publish a cookbook, you can call me! Since my first experience with private cooking on location, I got so many requests that it got me thinking. That’s when I took the step to follow my ambition and start my own business. Things are moving in all directions with my company now and I notice that I am organising more and larger events. It is a success!”

How did you find BonFeu?

“After I started my own business, I had the idea of buying a barbecue. I thought it would be fun to take this barbecue on location or to use it at a dinner party. After searching on Google, I went to a showroom and saw all kinds of beautiful products. There, I was tipped off about the BonFeu BonBiza. When I later told BonFeu what I was planning to do with my company and the private dining offer, they were immediately enthusiastic.

The BonFeu story appealed to me and that is how the contact arose. Behind the BonFeu brand there is a young team and I like to be part of what is happening in the background. I chose the BonBiza because, among other things, it is easy for me to take with me on location compared to other brands or products. The price for the consumer is friendly and together with their key interests, this makes BonFeu distinctive. They are working hard, that’s for sure!”

Bart van de Wal met de BonBiza

“My tip is to experiment with new things and find your own way in plancha baking.”

Plancha baking is just fun!

“I already had some experience with plancha baking and outdoor cooking but that cannot be compared to what I am doing now on the BonBiza. Apart from show-cooking, for me the BonBiza is an added value for an outdoor dinner where a barbecue is required. If people want to book a “barbecue” with me for a group then I always serve my own 5 or 6 course menu which I prepare using the plancha. I then use the BonBiza Open with the food bumper in combination with exclusive products. I also use the grill grid that comes with it to put pans on and keep the products warm. I use the lid to close the BonBiza and then store it away.

The BonBiza is a nice device to use. The baking plate heats up quickly and compared to, for example, an OFYR, it is thinner so that it heats up even faster. I prepare langoustines, foie gras, scallops but also potato garnishes with the BonBiza. The BonBiza’s recipe portfolio is versatile, you can make a lot on it. An added bonus is that you can also use it after dinner as a source of heat and fun.

“The BonBiza attracts attention and sparks curiosity”

Quality is key

“I use the BonBiza as an asset on a dinner where quality is of the highest importance. For me, a barbecue is not just pieces of bacon or chicken on the BonFeu, I provide an exclusive culinary atmosphere. By focusing on quality I approach a certain target group and pursue my core values: exclusivity, innovation, and discretion. But quality always comes first.”

“I try to buy and process my ingredients locally, for example, products from Frodo Dekker (a tasting shop in Best) or flowers from my mother’s vegetable garden. Besides quality, the eye also wants something ;). A beautiful presentation with chic tableware is definitely part of this. So I try to strive for quality in every aspect.”

 “I take care of the culinary interpretation of any occasion”.

Private dining


Chef Bart van de Wal cooking

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