Fine Dining

Private dinner prepared by one of our chefs at the BonBiza. The dinner is prepared

in your own garden so you can experience dining out at home.

About the Experience

In the Fine Dining experience, one of our chefs comes to your home to prepare a delicious dinner on one of our products. What this dinner looks like differs per chef. Below you can find more information about the different chefs.

Book your evening now and experience dining out at your own home!

Our Chefs

Armijn van Nierop

Axel van Lent

Bart van de Wal

DamiËn van Helvoirt

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Our Other Experiences

BBQ Experience

Get the full bbq experience! Fits perfectly at a party in summer, but also in winter. The chef prepares delicious dishes on the BonBiza.


Perfect for a party where a foodtruck can’t be missed. With our own BonTruck your party is immediately successful. Smaller portions are prepared on our BonBiza by one of the chefs.