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Mayke Nooteboom, the culinary face behind Maykemeal, brings the perfect combination of unique flavours and food styling to your event or at your home. From delicious luxury bites to fancy table styling, she takes any occasion to the next level.

Mayke is not afraid to put her hands in the fire and use her creativity in a unique way when she is behind the BonFeu barbecue. An explosion of new recipes, captured and shared with her thousands of followers on Instagram.

Mayke Nooteboom

Ever since I was little, I was secretly watching my dear mother and grandmother cooking in the kitchen. Unconsciously, I started developing my love for cooking even then. I visited many different places around the world and restaurants, which only increased my passion for cooking. I always found it very interesting.

“My dishes are inspired by different cultures and cuisines. But mostly by experimenting and being creative.”

After many questions about how I made my dishes, I started sharing recipes on Instagram. Over the years, I noticed that cooking, hosting many dinners and events for friends and family, styling tables, gave me so much energy. I was increasingly asked if I could come and cook at companies and people’s homes. So I decided to start my own private chef & catering business.

Within no time I was fully booked, from corporate events, weddings, home dinners, birthdays and openings. From that moment, I knew for sure that I most wanted to share my infinite love and passion for the culinary world with as many people as possible. Meanwhile, I have created an incredibly fun, professional and hardworking team around me. As a result, we are able to grow and take on bigger events.

How did you get to BonFeu?

Of course I knew my uncle sold great BBQ products, but I never imagined that such an amazing opportunity would arise for me. The prospect of our two worlds coming together, BonFeu X Maykemeal, was something I could only have dreamt of.

So I immediately started talking to my uncle and the BonFeu team, the same day I left home with my BonVes. We were about to embark on a new adventure. Every day I lit the BonVes with plancha griddle: during the week for a simple fish with vegetables and on weekends for an elaborate Maykemeal dinner. The delicious flavours released during plancha baking really gave my Maykemeal dishes an upgrade.

Of course, everyone had to taste this. So the idea of taking the BonVes to events and dinners on location was born. This immediately created a warm and cosy atmosphere. Cooking live for the guests added an extra dimension; everyone was curious and, above all, raving!

BonVes vuurkorf met plancha Maykemeal

“A visit to your local butcher, poulterer, fishmonger or greengrocer really makes a difference”

My tip for plancha baking: make sure you are well prepared and comfortable getting started. Take your time and choose high-quality ingredients, such as beautiful cuts of meat and chicken, fresh fish and vegetables from local farmers. A visit to your local butcher, poulterer, fishmonger or greengrocer really makes all the difference.

The BonFeu completes a Maykemeal event!

Besides my trusted BonVes, I now also use the BonBiza, a real eye-catcher with its large plancha plate and extensive possibilities. Thus, in addition to my regular Maykemeal menus, I organised Italian evenings with fresh pizzas from the BonFeu pizza oven and a Japanese evening where we made teriyaki skewers from pork belly and chicken thighs. The versatility of the BonBiza makes it perfect for all kinds of occasions, from intimate dinners to vibrant parties.

On location, I create a range of dishes with the BonBiza, from freshly baked breads and crisp vegetables to delicate scallops, fresh cod, wild duck, tender flat iron steaks and flavoursome chicken thighs. Each dish is tailored to the needs of my guests and the composed menu.

BonFeu products are not only stylish and practical, but also very user-friendly, both for beginners and experienced BBQ masters. Thanks to BonFeu, I have been able to take my passion for cooking to new heights and transform my events into unforgettable culinary experiences. I grant this pleasure to everyone!

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“With BonFeu as my culinary
partner, I take my Maykemeal events to the next level. Together, we not only create tasty memories, but turn every occasion into an unforgettable culinary adventure!”

Maykemeal is here for you

Looking for home or on-site catering? Whether it’s a corporate event, birthday, company opening, client drinks, baby shower, Mother’s Day or any other special occasion, anything is possible.

Maykemeal is known for its culinary appetisers, delicious dishes and elegant styling. With BonFeu’s barbecue options, Maykemeal creates a spectacular experience. Live cooking for guests, with luxurious appetisers and hot dishes straight from the plancha, served on stylish platters.

Maykemeal offers several options, such as a bite menu for drinks or parties, a sumptuous brunch or a gourmet dinner.

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