Accessories and parts

Cooking accessories

BonFeu Plancha

Most of the BonFeu fireplaces and firepits are equipped with extras like a grill grate or wok ring. But we also created the BonFeu Plancha for all these fireplaces and firepits. The Plancha is made out of 6mm thick steel and is created for grilling the most delicious food.

There are three sizes available; one suitable for the BonGiano’s, BonTino and the BonCarré (Ø 40cm), one for the BonVes 34 (Ø 45cm) and one for the BonVes 45 (Ø 55cm). Very easy to install, user-friendly and a perfect working height to barbecue. 

Plancha Ø 40cm | BPR3.400G | Download manual
Plancha Ø 45cm | BPR6.450 | Download manual
Plancha Ø 55cm | BPR6.550 | Download manual

BonFeu Broiling Board

BonFeu Broiling Board

With the BonFeu broiling board, you can easily smoke fish over the garden fireplace or firebowl. This wooden board can be attached to the edge with clamps and makes you enjoy a delicious wood-smoked piece of fish!

Broilingboard | WFB

BonFeu Spatula

This Spatula is a real essential for every cook who enjoys cooking outdoors. This can be on a barbecue, but of course also on the BonFeu BonBiza and the BonFeu BonVes. The BonFeu spatula completes your cooking experience.

Spatula | STB

Stove pipes and connectors

BonFeu Pipe M Rust


440 mm Ø 100 mm

Stove pipe 44 Black

BonFeu Pipe M Black


440 mm Ø 100 mm

Stove pipe 66 Rust

BonFeu Pipe L Rust


660 mm Ø 100 mm

Stove pipe 66 Black

BonFeu Pipe L Black


660 mm Ø 100 mm

BonFeu Connector Rust 90

BonFeu Connector 90º Rust


Ø 100 mm 90º

BonFeu Connector Black 90

BonFeu Connector 90º Black


Ø 100 mm 90º

BonFeu Connector Rust 45

BonFeu Connector 45º Rust


Ø 100 mm 45º

BonFeu Connector Black 45

BonFeu Connector 45º Black


Ø 100 mm 45º

Rain covers and caps

BonFeu Raincap

BonFeu Raincap

Raincap Ø 100 mm  | RC100.3035

Raincap Ø 120 mm  | RC120.4501

Raincap Ø 140 mm  | RC140.3960

Raincap Ø 180 mm  | RC180.6002