The BonFeu BonBini fireplace is, together with its brother the BonSelo, one of the oldest products that BonFeu has created. It was specially designed as a terrace fireplace that can be used on the patio or lawn. It has three characterizing legs that give it good stability. The form of the fireplace ensures an excellent smoke flow, so you will hardly be bothered by smoke. And once the BonBini is hot, it cools down slowly ensuring a constant release of heat.

Durability of the BonBini

The BonBini is made of steel. Steel has the property, under humid circumstances, to rust. So keep in mind that the fireplace will rust. This process can occur quickly. But do not panic, this will give your BonFeu BonBini fireplace its robust and sturdy appearance!

The BonFeu BonBini fireplace in a garden setting
The BonFeu BonBini fireplace close up
The BonFeu BonBini outdoors in the garden
The BonFeu BonBini outdoors in the garden
The BonFeu BonBini fireplace in a garden setting

Accessories for the BonBiza

BonFeu Raincap

BonFeu Raincap

The raincap is available separately and prevents rain from falling in. Very convenient if you don’t always cover the fireplace after use. 

Product picture of the BonFeu stove pipe in size L

BonFeu Stove Pipe

With the extra stove pipe, you can extend the stove pipe on your BonFeu fireplace. It is available in different sizes and materials. 

Product picture of the BonFeu Protective Cover BonSolo and BonBini

BonBini Cover

The protective cover is suitable for the protection of your fireplace against external weather influences and is made of PVC 



Color Black
Material Steel
Includes Log grid
Shape Round
Fuel Wood
Article number 2901
Weight  6,2 kg
Dimensions L 29 x W 29 x H 113 cm
Diameter stove pipe 10 cm
Thickness steel 2 – 3 mm