BonFeu BonGiano

BonGiano SP/LP

The BonGiano SP is a sturdy garden fireplace with grill and wok ring. The perfect combination for a cozy fireplace and the perks of outdoor cooking. 

The BonGiano LP is the bigger brother of the BonGiano SP. With an ideal height of 142 cm and the grill and wok ring, it is very suitable for outdoor cooking with a bigger group.

Color: Black or Rust
Material: Steel or Corten steel
Dimensions: Ø 30 H 128 / 153 cm
Standard included: Grill grid, wok ring, spark screen and lid
A plancha is optional (Art. nr. BPR3.400G)
Stove pipe diameter: 10 cm

BonGiano SP Rust | 3001R
BonGiano SP Black | 3001

BonGiano LP Rust | 3002R
BonGiano LP Black | 3002

BonGiano SP

BonGiano LP

BonGiano LP Cooking option
BonGiano SP Cooking options

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