BonFeu’s accessories are important and useful for cooking on your garden fireplace, firebowl or BonBiza, as they help make your cooking experience safer, easier and tastier. Read more in this blog about which accessories improve your cooking experience.


 A spatula for turning your meat

The BonFeu Spatula is a handy tool to use while plancha baking, grilling or barbecuing. There are several reasons why a spatula can be useful while cooking. One of the main reasons is that a spatula helps turn and move food without the food falling apart, for example. Using two spatulas is even more convenient. This allows the food to be cooked more evenly. A spatula can also be used to stir sauces and soups to avoid lumps. Moreover, a spatula can be used to pick up food and or turn it over.


A leather apron for protection

The BonFeu Apron is a leather cooking apron which is worn while cooking for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that leather is heat and flame resistant, so if something splashes or a spark flies, the leather protects the cook’s legs and upper body from burns. Moreover, leather is water-repellent, so if there is a spill or any other kind of damp situation, the leather protects the cook from wet or grease spots.


An oil can for great taste

With the BonFeu oil can at hand, you can add flavourful oils and marinades to your dishes with ease. Whether you’re grilling juicy steaks, sautéing crunchy vegetables or preparing a delicious pizza, this jug makes the process just a little easier and more refined.


Cooking accessory for the firebowl

The BonFeu Broiling Board is often used to give fish a smoky flavour. This can be done by moistening the board with water and then coating it with salt, spices or herbs. The board is then placed on one of BonFeu’s fire bowls (the BonBowl or the BonBowl Plus), which instantly roasts the fish and absorbs the smoke flavour. Using a fish smoking board is a popular way to give fish an unique flavour and create an interesting texture.


Cooking accessories for the BonBiza

The BonFeu BonPizza makes preparing delicious pizzas easy. This pizza oven, which can be used in combination with the BonBiza and the BonFeu stand, achieves high temperatures for a crispy base and authentic taste. For added convenience, accessories such as the BonFeu Wheel and Spatula are available. The sealed construction ensures even heating and perfect baking results.

BonFeu’s raised grill is used to distribute heat more evenly over the grilling surface by creating space for fuel. The grill can be placed at a higher level, making grilling easier and also reducing smoke and odour.

Discover our BonFeu Skewer Ring and the handy BonFeu Skewers, with as many as 3 skewers. The skewer ring is made of high-quality steel and holds food firmly while grilling, be it vegetables, fish, chicken or large pieces of meat. It prevents dehydration and burning while cooking your food evenly.


Browse our entire selection of cooking accessories for your garden fireplace or fire bowl and discover how you can enhance your cooking experience. From skewer rings to pizza ovens, at BonFeu we have everything you need to cook the perfect meal. Don’t hesitate to take a look at the website and check out the products. Don’t wait any longer and invest in the right accessories now to take your cooking experience to the next level.