This Rotisserie Set, suitable for the BonBiza and planchas 60-100 cm,  is the perfect accessory for people who love cooking on a spit.

The set consists of 2 solid stainless steel stands, which can be placed onto the cooking plate. The two poles are connected with a stainless steel tube for extra stability. The set also includes a skewer with four clamps and a skewer with two clamps, and an S-hook on which you can hang a pan.

The rotisserie spit can be turned manually, but can also be turned automatically with the special electric Rotisserie Set motor for added convenience.

Achtung! The electrical motor is not included with the Rotisserie Set. You need to get it separately.



Material Rostfreier Stahl
Farbe Grau
Artikel Nummer BFRS
Gewicht 4,2 kg
Abmessungen L 77 x W 21 x H 11,5 cm
Inklusive Pan hook, skewer with four clamps, skewer with two clamps
Verwendung mit BonBiza and planchas 60-100 cm