Fire bowl questions

What is the best way to light a fire in a BonFeu fire bowl?
  1. Use dry and untreated wood
  2. Build the fire solidly in the shape of a tepee
  3. Light the fire with a match
  4. Fire in the best weather conditions with as little smoke as possible
  5. Always be safe!

For the full explanation, read the blog about lighting a BonFeu fire

How can I use the BonFeu fire bowl for cooking?

First, you can use a plancha on your fire bowl. The plancha plate is available is different sizes and comes in a full circle or half circle. It is important not to forget to grease the plancha with oil when you can start frying.

Besides the plancha plate, you can also get the grill plate. The grill plate is also available in different sizes and comes in a full circle or a half circle. The grill plate is made of steel and comes with handles for easy and optimal use.

Finally, there is also the broiling board. With this plank, you can easily smoke fish over the fire bowl.

But in addition to the accessories specially made for the BonBowl, it is also possible to use accessories from the BonBiza. It so happens that the BonBiza accessories (such as the pizza oven, skewer ring, etc.) fit the BonBowl 80. This way, you can cook even more diversely with your fire bowl.

Which accessories can I use with the BonFeu fire bowl?

There are various accessories that can be used with the BonBowl

Specific BonBowl cooking accessories: these are the accessories made specifically for the BonBowl. These include the plancha and grill plate. Both of these are available in a full or half circle. The broiling board is also specially made for the firebowl
BonBiza cooking accessories: several of the BonBiza accessories (such as the pizza oven, skewer ring, etc.) can be used with the BonBowl 80. You can do this by placing the matching plancha (full circle) on top of the BonBowl 80 and in its hole fits the stand on which you can thus place the other BonBiza accessories.
General cooking accessories: of course, the general cooking accessories are also very handy to use when cooking with the BonBowl (such as the apron, the spatula or the oil jug)