BonBiza questions

What is a BonBiza?

The BonBiza is an outdoor cooking instrument from BonFeu. It consists of a large fire bowl that sits on a base. In essence, it is like a large barbecue, but for plancha baking. The BonBiza is one of our newer products and the showpiece of our entire collection. It is also by far the biggest product of the entire BonFeu collection.

How should I use the BonBiza for the first time?

The first use of your plancha is crucial for a successful cooking experience. Before you begin, make sure you remove all packaging and protective materials. Then clean the cooking surface thoroughly with warm water and a soft cloth to remove any dust and dirt. Keep in mind that there is already a thin layer of oil on the plancha to prevent rusting. This helps create a natural non-stick coating and protects the surface from corrosion. Caution! In case the oil layer does not come off, the step below may help.

To create a solid non-stick coating, the first burn-in is very important. Heat the plancha on medium heat until the surface is well warm. Then add a thin layer of oil to the cooking surface. Spread the oil evenly using a cloth or kitchen paper. This burn-in not only helps prevent stickiness during cooking but also helps preserve the flavour of your dishes.

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What is the best way to light a fire in a BonBiza?
  1. Use dry and untreated wood
  2. Build the fire solidly in the shape of a tepee
  3. Light the fire with a match
  4. Fire in the best weather conditions with as little smoke as possible
  5. Always be safe!

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How do I clean the BonBiza?

After each cooking session, it is very important to clean your plancha thoroughly. Remove food residues and excess grease using a spatula while the plancha is still warm (but not hot). This prevents caked-on residue from interfering with the next cooking process. You can then wipe the surface with a damp cloth or kitchen paper to remove any remaining dirt. 

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How do I store the BonBiza?

To prolong the life of your plancha, it is necessary to always apply a thin layer of oil to the cooking surface, even when the plancha is not in use. This protects the surface from rusting and preserves the valuable non-stick coating. Spread the oil evenly using a cloth or kitchen paper to ensure each dish slides effortlessly off the plancha.

To prevent rusting, it is important to always keep your plancha in a dry place, especially if you are not using it for long periods of time. A dry shelter protects against adverse weather conditions and significantly extends the life of your plancha. In addition, consider purchasing the BonBiza Lid. This special lid is designed to protect your plancha from weather and dust when not in use, further protecting your plancha from rusting.

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