Fire pit questions

What is the difference between the BonVes 34 and 45?

The main distinction between the BonVes 34 and 45 lies in their dimensions. The BonVes 45 is the more spacious variant, with a height of 100 cm and a diameter of 45 cm. In contrast, the BonVes 34 is more compact, with a height of 85 cm and a diameter of 34 cm.

How can I use the BonFeu fire pit for cooking?

On the BonVes you can cook with the plancha. A separate plancha is available for both fire pits (the BonVes 34 and 45). For the BonVes 34 there is the plancha V34 and for the BonVes 45 the plancha V45.

What is the best way to light a fire in a BonFeu fire pit?

The moment you want to make an atmospheric fire in the BonVes, it is best to do it at the bottom of the fire pit. This gives the fire space.

However, the moment you want to make a fire for cooking, it is best not to do this at the bottom of the basket, but on the middle plate. The middle plate is a plate that you can hang higher in the fire pit. When you make a fire on the middle plate, your fire sits higher and your plancha or grill can heat up more easily. The middle plate is included with the fire pit.

How to make the fire:

  1. Use dry and untreated wood
  2. Build the fire solidly in the shape of a tepee
  3. Light the fire with a match
  4. Fire in the best weather conditions with as little smoke as possible
  5. Always be safe!

For the full explanation, read the blog about lighting a BonFeu fire