General questions

How do I choose the right BonFeu product for my garden?

Choosing the right BonFeu product for your garden is a delightful process that depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some steps to guide you in making the perfect choice from the entire BonFeu collection:

  1. Assess Your Garden Size: begin by evaluating your garden’s size. Consider the available space and how the product will fit into your outdoor area. Larger gardens can accommodate bigger products, while smaller spaces might be suited for smaller products.
  1. Cooking or Ambiance: decide if you want a BonFeu product primarily for cooking or creating ambience. Some BonFeu products are designed for both cooking and providing warmth and atmosphere, while others are more focused on one function.
  1. Cooking Style: if you’re passionate about outdoor cooking, then explore the BonFeu products that offer versatile cooking options. There are products that offer cooking options like grilling, plancha cooking, pizza making and much more.

  1. Aesthetic Preference: BonFeu offers a variety of designs and finishes. Choose a product that complements your garden’s aesthetic, whether you prefer a modern, rustic, or traditional look.
Are the BonFeu products suitable for all seasons?

The suitability of BonFeu products for all seasons depends on the specific materials used for each product. Corten Steel, often used in rust-coloured BonFeu products, is known for its weather-resistant properties and can withstand various weather conditions. It forms a protective layer of rust, which actually enhances its durability.

However, it’s essential to check the specific product details and guidelines provided by BonFeu. Some products may require specific maintenance or storage considerations during extreme weather conditions to ensure their longevity and optimal performance.

What material are BonFeu products made of?

Most rust-coloured BonFeu products are crafted from Corten Steel, while the black-coloured items are constructed using regular steel. Comprehensive details about each product (also the accessories) can be found on their respective product pages.

Why does my black BonFeu product discolour?

BonFeu’s black garden fireplaces, fire pits and fire bowls are made of steel. Steel has the property that it can rust over time. This is mainly due to weather conditions. Temperature differences will cause the steel to shrink and expand. This is a natural process that you cannot stop. As a result of the shrinking and expanding of the steel, small hairline cracks will appear in the sheet metal and around the edges. In these hairline cracks, rust will eventually develop.

So rusting of your black BonFeu product is inevitable, but there are a few things you can do to inhibit the process. For garden fireplaces, there are protective covers that protect the fireplace from the weather and you can place the products under a shelter or in a shed instead of leaving them outside all the time.


What is Corten Steel?

Corten steel is a type of steel with special properties. This type of steel has a rust-brown colour that is formed by weather conditions such as rain, cold or dirt. The top layer will rust, protecting the underlying steel layer from corrosion. As a result, the material is very weather-resistant and can remain outside for years.
The top layer of steel will rust, which is a good and protective feature. In addition, it is good to know that this rust, just like the rust on normal steel, can give off. That is why it is wise not to place a Corten steel fire bowl or fireplace directly on the garden tiles but to use a suitable base plate or older paving stone.

How do I maintain Corten Steel?

Corten steel is a maintenance-free material. However, it is important to remove the burned ashes from your Corten steel product after use. If you still want to maintain the Corten steel a little, you can clean it once a year with a sturdy brush.

Protective covers are also available to protect the fireplace from dirt. However, these covers do not protect against the rusting process, which will always take place with Corten steel.

Which wood is best to use?

What is most important is that you at least use dry wood. The drier the wood is, the less smoke you will have.

For optimum user comfort, we recommend using oven-dried/very dry wood with a maximum of 20% moisture content. This therefore prevents smoke and is also much easier to light. You should use a harder wood species, as softer wood such as birch burns up far too quickly, so you will need large quantities. Be very careful with tropical hardwood. It generates a huge amount of heat and if you use too many at once, the hob may warp. Kiln-dried beech wood is best, as it heats very well and burns up into a mass of coal that heats the hob optimally. Oak is also possible, but we prefer slightly less because it burns up into thin ash. Ashwood is also good and sits between beech and oak. Pressed briquettes are also suitable and burn well.

It is better not to use painted wood or impregnated wood. We also advise against using softwood, as it contains a lot of resin. It crackles and produces a lot of sparks, which is dangerous in an open fire.