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BonFeu BonSolo Rust & Black

The BonSolo is one of our smallest fireplaces, but a real eye-catcher. It is equipped with a rotating grill and has a cut-out logo on the front. This logo gives great effect during fire. The BonSolo also has extendable legs which makes it easy to stabilize.

BonSolo Rust | 3401R
BonSolo Black | 3401

BonFeu BonBono Rust & Black

This timeless mood creator has proven to be a hit for years. Lighting a fire & grilling has never been easier and more atmospheric. Just like the BonSolo, this model comes with a rotating grill as well as extendable legs for optimal stabilisation.

BonBono Rust | 4501R
BonBono Black | 4501

BonFeu BonGiano SP

BonFeu BonGiano SP Rust & Black

The BonGiano SP is a sturdy garden fireplace with grill and wok ring. The perfect combination for a cozy fireplace and the perks of outdoor cooking. 

BonGiano SP Rust | 3001R
BonGiano SP Black | 3001

BonFeu BonGiano LP

BonFeu BonGiano LP Rust & Black

The BonGiano LP is the bigger brother of the BonGiano SP. With an ideal height of 142 cm and the grill and wok ring, it is very suitable for outdoor cooking with a bigger group.

BonGiano LP Rust | 3002R
BonGiano LP Black | 3002

BonFeu BonTino Rust & Black

The BonTino has a similar look and feel as both the BonGiano fireplaces. However, the BonTino fireplace is slightly bigger with a diameter of 35 cm. Because of the bigger body, this fireplace gives an even more robust feeling. Because of the wider diameter and a height of 164 cm, you get a great fireplace with barbecue grill and wok ring for your garden.

BonTino Rust | 3501R
BonTino Black | 3501

BonFeu BonTon 40\50\60 Rust & Black

The BonTons are by far the biggest fireplaces that BonFeu produces. Available in three sizes the BonTon serie is without a doubt an eye-catcher on every terrace. The BonTon will surely impress your guests with its size and its range of heat.

BonTon 40 Rust | 4002R
BonTon 40 Black | 4002

BonTon 50 Rust | 5002R
BonTon 50 Black | 5002

BonTon 60 Rust | 6002R
BonTon 60 Black | 6002

BonFeu BonCarré Rust & Black

The BonCarré is a multifunctional fireplace and a great asset to any patio or garden because of its design and barbecue function. The BonCarré is a rugged, square model with four distinctive legs. The fireplace is made from solid steel and has a heat-resistant coating. As well as the same options for cooking as his round equal: The BonTino.

BonCarré Rust | 3503R
BonCarré Black | 3503

BonFeu BonPyra Black

The BonPyra is a beautiful patio fireplace with a height of 160 cm and a diameter of 50 cm at the bottom. The BonPyra has three legs that are characteristic of the BonFeu brand. It is equipped with a special tray to collect the ashes. The BonPyra also includes a spark screen.

BonPyra Black | 5003

BonFeu BonGiro Black

The BonGiro is one of our newest additions to the family. The fireplace’s low legs make it a standout. Due to its barbecue function it is a real multifunctional fireplace. The fireplace is made from solid steel and has a heat-resistant coating.

BonGiro Black | 5501

Our Classics

BonFeu BonBini Black

The BonBini is one of the classic fireplaces of the BonFeu brand. The fireplace is specially designed as a terrace fireplace that can be used on the patio or lawn. After all these years, the BonBini, and his big brother BonSelo, have not lost any popularity and are therefore a proven success.

BonBini | 2901

BonFeu BonSelo Black (BonFeu Large)

The BonSelo is also one of the classic fireplaces of the BonFeu brand and is the bigger brother of the BonBini. The BonSelo was the first fireplace that could function as a fireplace as well as a barbecue with the swing-out grill.

BonSelo | 3901