The BonGiro is the last garden fire to be added to the BonFeu garden fire collection and one of our smaller fireplaces. The fireplace’s low legs make it stand out compared to its brothers the BonSolo and the BonBono. Including the stove pipe, the outdoor fireplace is 132 cm high. Once the fireplace has warmed up well, it cools only slowly, which guarantees a constant heat emission. And just like most other BonFeu fireplaces, it is possible to cook with the BonGiro.

Durability of the BonGiro

The BonGiro fireplace has been designed for use on a patio or lawn. It is made of steel with a heat-resistant coating to protect the fireplace. Due to its shape and stove pipe, the BonGiro has an excellent smoke exhaust, and large heat output is guaranteed.

The BonGiro is made of steel. Steel has the property, under humid circumstances, to rust. So keep in mind that the fireplace will rust. This process can occur quickly. But do not panic, this will give your BonFeu fireplace its robust and sturdy appearance!

The BonFeu BonGiro fireplace in a garden setting
The BonFeu BonGiro in a garden setting
The BonFeu BonGiro close up
The BonFeu BonBiza Black Open
The BonFeu BonGiro in a garden setting


The unique thing about the BonGiro fireplace is that it can also be used as a barbecue. The Bonfeu BonGiro is equipped with a handy, rotatable grill, which is of course great for the preparation of food. And that is something that distinguishes this fireplace from many other fireplaces.

The grill turntable is easy to turn in and out of the fireplace without coming into direct contact with the fire. Place the meat on the plateau and then turn it over the fire. This way, you don’t have to work above the direct heat of the fire, which is often necessary with other barbecues. When the meat is cooked, simply turn the plateau out of the fireplace and then enjoy a grilled sparerib or chicken leg.

The grill can be used in two different positions and has two handles, making it easy to use.



There are also general cooking accessories that can be used for all BonFeu products, such as the BonFeu apron or oil jug. Click the button below to view all BonFeu accessories.

Accessories for the BonGiro

Product picture of the BonFeu Spatula

BonFeu Spatula

The BonFeu Spatula is a real essential for every cook who enjoys cooking. It will complete your cooking experience.

Product picture of the BoFeu oil can

BonFeu Oil Can

The BonFeu oil can is made of durable stainless steel and featuring the BonFeu logo. It allows you to easily oil the griddle.

BonFeu Raincap

BonFeu Raincap

The raincap is available separately and prevents rain from falling in. Very convenient if you don’t always cover the fireplace after use. 





Color Black
Material Steel
Includes BBQ grill grid & poker
Shape Round
Fuel Wood
Article number 5501
Weight 26,4 kg
Dimensions L 55 x W 55 x H 132 cm
Diameter stove pipe 14 cm
Thickness steel 2 – 3 cm