As a lover of culinary delights, you are undoubtedly familiar with the plancha: the versatile hob that allows you to prepare delicious meals. To fully enjoy your cooking experience and prolong the life of your plancha, it is essential to maintain it properly. In this blog, it’s all about an optimal protection: we share useful tips and advice to keep your plancha in top condition and take your cooking skills to the next level. 

1. First use: laying a solid foundation

The first use of your plancha is crucial for a successful cooking experience. Before you begin, make sure you remove all packaging and protective materials. Then clean the cooking surface thoroughly with warm water and a soft cloth to remove any dust and dirt. Keep in mind that there is already a thin layer of oil on the plancha to prevent rusting. This helps create a natural non-stick coating and protects the surface from corrosion. Caution! In case the oil layer does not come off, the step below may help.

2. The first firing: creating a solid non-stick coating

To create a solid non-stick coating, the first burn-in is very important. Heat the plancha on medium heat until the surface is well warm. Then add a thin layer of oil to the cooking surface. Spread the oil evenly using a cloth or kitchen paper. This burn-in not only helps prevent stickiness during cooking, but also helps preserve the flavour of your dishes.

3. The first dish: a feast for the taste buds

Now that your plancha is ready to use, it’s time for the first dish. Fry, for example, some sliced onions or vegetables to further strengthen the non-stick coating. This is not only to enhance the flavour, but also to familiarise your plancha with the cooking process. A good start is half the battle!

4. Cleaning after use: Maintain a clean cooking surface

After each cooking session, it is very important to clean your plancha thoroughly. Remove food residues and excess grease using a spatula while the plancha is still warm (but not hot). This prevents caked-on residue from interfering with the next cooking process. You can then wipe the surface with a damp cloth or kitchen paper to remove any remaining dirt.

5. Oil treatment: long-term protection

To prolong the life of your plancha, it is necessary to always apply a thin layer of oil to the cooking surface, even when the plancha is not in use. This protects the surface from rusting and preserves the valuable non-stick coating. Spread the oil evenly using a cloth or kitchen paper to ensure each dish slides effortlessly off the plancha.

6. Rust prevention: A dry shelter for your plancha

To prevent rusting, it is important to always keep your plancha in a dry place, especially if you are not using it for long periods of time. A dry shelter protects against adverse weather conditions and significantly extends the life of your plancha. In addition, if you have a BonBiza, consider purchasing the BonBiza Lid. This special lid is designed to protect your plancha from weather and dust when not in use, further protecting your plancha from rusting.

7. Protective cover: invest in durability

Using a protective cover is a smart investment to protect your plancha from weather and dust when not in use. This will significantly extend the life of your plancha and preserve its quality. We understand that every fireplace is different, which is why we offer specific protective covers for different fireplaces. Whether you have a BonBono, BonTino or BonBini, discover all the protective covers that perfectly fit your specific fireplace. This ensures optimal protection and that you can enjoy years of carefree cooking on your beloved plancha.

8. Safety tips: Enjoy with care

Safety always comes first. Make sure the plancha has cooled down completely before storing it. Store the plancha in a safe and stable place, out of the reach of children and pets. Use heat-resistant gloves when cleaning or moving a hot plancha to avoid accidents.

Proper maintenance of your plancha is vital for a long-lasting cooking experience and maintaining its quality. By following the right steps, you will create a solid foundation for tasty cooking sessions and enjoy delicious dishes time after time. Remember to apply a thin layer of oil after use, keep your plancha dry and invest in a protective cover for extra durability. Cook with care and enjoy all the culinary possibilities your plancha has to offer!