Spring is just around the corner and that means it’s time to get your garden ready for cosy evenings around BonFeu’s fire basket, fire bowl, garden fireplace, or BonBiza. As your faithful companion during the colder months, your fire pit may have been outside all winter. Now is the perfect time to give it a refresh and get it ready for a new season full of warmth and cosiness.

Cleaning and maintenance

Start by inspecting your garden fireplace, fire basket, fire bowl or BonBiza. It is important to remove any residual ash from previous use sessions. Use a brush or a special ash scoop to sweep away excess ash. Also check that there is no soot build-up and wipe the inside if necessary. For thorough cleaning, you can use a damp cloth.

Protection against wind and weather

If your garden fireplace has been outside all winter, it is exposed to the elements. Consider using a protective cover when you are not using the garden fireplace. For the BonBiza, we have a suitable lid that helps protect the bowl from weather conditions. So this helps to protect it from rain, wind and other weather conditions, extending its lifespan and allowing you to enjoy its warmth again the next season.

Refurbishing the garden

Besides getting your fire pit ready, spring is also the ideal time to give your garden a refresh. Start by pruning shrubs and trees that have grown during the winter months. Clear away leaves and other garden debris to make a fresh start. Consider adding new plants or flowers to bring colour and life back into your outdoor space.

Maybe it’s time to rearrange your garden furniture to make the most of warm days and cosy evenings. Add some comfortable cushions and blankets to your outdoor seating areas to make your guests feel welcome and yourself relax in style.


Upgrade to cooking pleasure

And why not upgrade your garden fireplace, fire bowl, fire basket or BonBiza to an outdoor kitchen? Spring is the perfect season to explore the possibilities. BonFeu offers various cooking accessories to transform your outdoor space into a culinary hotspot. Think grill grids and planchas for the fire basket, fire bowl or garden fireplace. This way, your BonFeu becomes not only a heat source, but also a cooking station for delicious meals!

Especially for lovers of the BonBiza: get to know a range of additional cooking accessories that will take your cooking experience to new heights. Expand your BonBiza with handy additions to suit your culinary needs. Whether you prefer grilling, baking or roasting, BonFeu offers the perfect cooking accessories to satisfy all your taste buds. These include a pizza oven for creating delicious pizzas and a skewer ring on which you can prepare tasty skewers.

Create extra atmosphere

Once your garden has been refurbished and your fire pit is ready, it’s time to create extra atmosphere. Place ambient lighting around your garden, such as lanterns or garden torches, to create a cosy ambiance. Also consider adding some fragrant plants so that the air is filled with lovely aromas while you enjoy the warmth of your fire.

With your garden ready for spring and your BonFeu fireplace ready to go, you’ll be all set to enjoy the outdoors in the coming months. So light that fire, invite friends and family over and make memories around the warmth of BonFeu. Happy springtime!