Summer is here and that means it’s time to go outside and enjoy delicious meals prepared on your BonFeu plancha or grill. Whether you are organising a barbecue for friends and family or just want to have a cosy meal with your partner, a plancha or grill is the perfect way to prepare delicious dishes. So read on and discover some delicious summer recipes by BonFeu

Grilled chicken
The first delicous summer recipe is one of the most popular dishes for the summer: grilled chicken. The flavour of grilled chicken is second to none and it is a great way to keep the meat tender and juicy. Add a few spices, such as garlic, salt and pepper, and grill the chicken until it is cooked. Serve with a fresh salad and you have a delicious meal.

Grilled fish
Another popular summer dish is grilled fish. Fish is a healthy option and it is easy to prepare on the BonFeu plancha or grill. Choose a firm type of fish, such as salmon or tuna, and put the fish on the grill. Add some olive oil, lemon and herbs for extra flavour. Grilled fish is a great way to enjoy the taste of the sea.

Grilled prawns, scampi or prawns
Another option is grilled prawns, scampi or prawns. These fish are rich in protein and taste delicious when prepared on a plancha or grill. Add a little olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and herbs for an extra flavourful twist. These grilled prawns are a great option for a healthy meal, or as a side dish, or to serve with a garlic butter dip.

Grilled vegetables with feta or Parmesan cheese
Besides fish, vegetables are also a great option for the plancha or grill. For example, try grilled courgette, pepper or aubergine. Slice or dice the vegetables, add some olive oil, garlic and herbs and grill until cooked. Serve with a little feta or Parmesan cheese for an extra flavourful meal.

Grilled meat sausages or bacon strips
Grilled meat sausages or bacon strips are another popular option for the plancha or grill. These small dishes are easy to prepare and make for a quick and tasty meal. Add bread, a little mustard or barbecue sauce for extra flavour.

Grilled pineapple or peach
If you are looking for something sweet, try a grilled pineapple or peach. These fruits are deliciously sweet and juicy and they grill quickly and easily. Slice the pineapple or peach, place them on the grill and sprinkle with a little sugar for an extra sweet taste.

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy delicious meals prepared on the plancha or grill. Whether you go for chicken, fish, vegetables or fruit, there are so many options for the perfect summer meal. Discover these delicious recipes yourself and enjoy the sunshine, cosiness and taste of summer.

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