Plancha baking, have you heard of it? You can now experience this special form of outdoor cooking with the products of BonFeu. Meat, fish, a dessert or a complete 3-course dinner, anything is possible with our plancha baking plates. Enjoy the complete plancha experience under the expert guidance of one of our chefs, or get started yourself!  

Outdoor cooking with BonFeu  

Outdoor cooking is totally “hot”. Making your own fire, cooking soup with a tripod over an open fire, making pizzas in a beautiful wood-fired pizza oven, barbecuing, smoking meat or fish… it’s all possible. Cooking together outside is being active and enjoying nature and beautiful products. Moreover, cooking over an open fire is cosy, tasty and healthy.   

With the products of BonFeu, you can make cooking outside your own. Many BonFeu fireplaces come standard with a grill grid and there is a large assortment of plancha baking plates for our garden fires, fire baskets and fire bowls. Cooking outside with our planchas is simply enjoying the most delicious dishes in your own garden with family, friends, acquaintances, neighbours… and that all year round. What are you waiting for?  

Advantages of plancha baking  

Besides the fact that plancha baking is becoming a real trend, it also has many advantages. We encourage outdoor cooking in a tasty and healthy way. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the advantages of plancha baking on a BonFeu.  

A healthy way of cooking   

BonFeu’s plancha baking plates are made of 6 mm thick steel, with which the most delicious dishes can be made. The plate is heated up to high temperatures which preserves all juices, vitamins and the pure taste. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside! With plancha baking, a minimum of fat is used and because of the high temperature and short baking time, the ingredients retain their flavour and nutritional value.   

Culinary possibilities  

Almost everything can be prepared on the plancha baking plate. Fish and shellfish are extremely popular, but meat dishes too are an ultimate pleasure prepared on the plancha. Whether you are looking for a complete 3-course dinner or just a tasty breakfast, the culinary possibilities are endless.  

How does plancha baking work?  

The plancha baking plate can easily be placed on the BonFeu garden fire, fire basket or fire bowl and is heated up in no time. Within 10 minutes, the plancha is properly heated and ready for use. You pour some olive oil on the plate and you can start baking. Because of the high temperatures, the baking goes fast, so pay attention! The centre of the plate generates the most heat, so be sure to place your vegetables and smaller pieces of meat more on the outside of the plancha.   

Maintenance and cleaning of the plancha  

After each preparation, the plate can be easily cleaned. First, it is important to remove all food residues and slide them into the fire with a spatula. When the plate has cooled down well, it can be cleaned with a wet cloth.   

Caution! It is important to keep the plancha baking plate greased at all times. Especially when storing the baking plate, it must be greased to prevent rusting. The baking plate is made of steel, which has the property of rusting.   

Cooking outside becomes a party with the BonFeu outdoor kitchens. Check out all BonFeu products and planchas on our website, find a dealer and don’t wait any longer! Immerse yourself in the world of plancha baking with one of our chefs’ cooking workshops.   

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