There is something magical about gathering around a crackling fire during the cold winter months. With our tips and tricks, you can easily organise a winter barbecue with a garden fireplace or fire bowl in your own backyard.

Get a good location in your garden

Choose a spot in your garden where you can install a garden fireplace or garden fire pit. Make sure this spot is safe, with enough distance from trees, sheds and other buildings and that there is enough space for your guests to sit and enjoy the warmth of the fire.

Preparing the fire

Before you receive your guests, make sure the garden fireplace or fire bowl is well lit and safely burning. If you have a smaller party, choose a BonFeu garden fireplace such as a BonBono, a BonTino, a BonTon or a BonCarré. Have you invited a larger party? Then choose a BonVes. Should you really have a large group? Then the BonBiza is perfect, this special fire basket is super for a party. Make sure there is enough wood to keep the fire burning throughout the barbecue. Use dry and clean wood, such as oak or fruit tree wood, as this burns best and produces little smoke.

Delicious dishes

For a winter bbq, it is nice to serve warm and comfort food. Think stews, chilli con carne, roasted vegetables and hot chocolate. You can also roast large cuts of meat, such as beef loin, in the garden fireplace or firebowl for a unique taste experience. At BonFeu, we give you some delicious recipes you can use to impress your guests. Check out our selection of recipes here.

Decorate your winter garden

Add some winter atmosphere to your garden. For example, plant evergreen plants such as conifers, holly and ferns for green accents. Add winter flowering plants like snowdrops, winter aconite and Christmas rose for colour. Use candles, lights and light chains for atmospheric lighting. Add winter accents such as Christmas decorations and winter wreaths for a cosy atmosphere.

Arrange extra warmth

Make sure you put plenty of heat sources in your garden. For instance, you can light the BonFeu BonBowl. In addition, you can arrange blankets and hot drinks for guests to keep everyone warm.

Dress appropriately

Let your guests know that they should dress warmly because it can be cold outside. For example, give them the suggestion to bring warm jackets, gloves and scarves.

Complete your winter barbecue with our beautiful garden fireplaces and fire bowls. Browse our collection and order your favourite for your own winter barbecue.