This Rotisserie Set, suitable for the BonBiza and planchas 60-100 cm,  is the perfect accessory for people who love cooking on a spit.

The set consists of 2 solid stainless steel stands, which can be placed onto the cooking plate. The two poles are connected with a stainless steel tube for extra stability. The set also includes a skewer with four clamps and a skewer with two clamps, and an S-hook on which you can hang a pan.

The rotisserie spit can be turned manually, but can also be turned automatically with the special electric Rotisserie Set motor for added convenience.

Remarque ! The electrical motor is not included with the Rotisserie Set. You need to get it separately.



Matériau Acier inoxydable
Couleur Gris
Numéro d'article BFRS
Poids 4,2 kg
Dimensions L 77 x W 21 x H 11,5 cm
Y compris Pan hook, skewer with four clamps, skewer with two clamps
A utiliser avec BonBiza and planchas 60-100 cm