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About BonFeu

Tough, recognizable and functional…
Just a few features of the BonFeu fireplaces.

Based on the very first model – The original – the BonFeu brand stands for recognisable and well thought-out design. Every effort is made to develop sustainable products that are pleasant to use and are also suitable for outdoor cooking. Many garden fireplaces are equipped with extras such as a grill grid, a wok ring and/or a plancha. For comfort and safety, the 2019 models are equipped with a door with a spark guard.

Creative and contemporary designs, responding to current trends, but always with a certain robustness that guarantees a long lifespan… Precisely because of these core values, the BonFeu brand has grown into a leading player in the field of garden fireplaces, fire bowls and related accessories.

Discover the BonFeu collection

The BonFeu collection exists of garden fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, fire bowls and accessories.

BonFeu Garden Fireplaces

Garden Fireplaces

Our timeless fireplaces are an eye-catcher in your garden.


With our specials you can grill, bake, or just enjoy an atmospheric fire.

BonFeu BonBowl

Fire Bowls

Robust fire bowls of high quality and a timeless design.

Accessories and parts

Many BonFeu fireplaces are extendable with great accessories.

Multifunctional products

The BonFeu collection exists of beautiful fireplaces, fire bowls and fire pits which are often multifunctional.

BonGiano SP kookopties

A number of BonFeu fire pits and garden fireplaces can easily be extended with grill grids and planchas to function as outdoor kitchens.

Grill grid

With a practical grill grid you can easily grill a delicious piece of meat or fish for your guests. The grill grid is supplied separately and can easily be placed on top of the fire basket or in the fireplace. 


In addition, with the Bonfeu baking tray you can turn your garden fireplace or fire pit into a beautifully functional cooker in no time. The baking tray, also called plancha, is simply placed on the fireplace and you can enjoy a delicious barbecue.

When you have finished grilling or baking and it’s time to have a nice drink, remove the grid or plancha and enjoy an atmospheric fire.

You have for example the grill grid and the plancha. With these two, you can turn your fireplace or firepit into an outdoor cooking station.
And when you have finished grilling or baking, it’s time to have a nice drink, remove the grid or plancha and enjoy the atmospheric fire!

BonFeu Garden Fireplaces
BonFeu Fireplace with grill
BonFeu Accessories
BonFeu Fireplace Outdoor Cooking

The BonFeu collection consists of high-quality products. Therefore, many BonFeu products are made of 3mm thick CortenSteel.

CortenSteel, also known under the brand name COR-TEN steel, is a metal alloy consisting of iron to which copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chromium have been added. Its strength is comparable to that of other alloy steels such as stainless steel.

Corten steel is a weatherproof steel and the brown rust colour is the most typical external characteristic. The rust-coloured and very dense oxide skin shields the deeper material from oxygen,
which greatly slows down oxidation,
although in cavities that are full of water, corrosion does continue. Due to the oxide film it is not necessary to paint the material.

Made of 3mm

thick CortenSteel

The BonFeu experience

Experience the outdoor life with the outstanding BonFeu fireplaces.

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