Our food truck takes the BonFeu spirit on the road. At every stop, we bring the unique flavours of outdoor cooking straight to you. Our talented chefs prepare an array of delicious dishes with passion and skill, while the warm glow of the BonFeu flames creates an enchanting atmosphere. Whether you are enjoying a crackling barbecue during an informal gathering or participating in a larger event, the BonFeu Foodtruck offers an unparalleled experience.

The BonFeu Foodtruck

The BonFeu Foodtruck is a mobile culinary experience that brings the unique flavour of outdoor cooking to events. It is a regular feature at various events, including trade fairs, corporate events, sports tournaments and festivals. This unique experience is often combined with the expertise of our chefs, who prepare the most flavourful dishes on the spot.

The BonFeu Foodtruck
The BonFeu Foodtruck with baxel


The BonFeu Food Truck is fully equipped and features:
–   Atmospheric lighting
–   Cooling facilities
–   Ample storage space
–   A sink
–   A handy cutting tray

Interested in a food truck experience?

If you are interested in a fully catered day with one of our BonFeu products (like the BonBiza), the foodtruck and one of our chefs, please contact us at Let us create an unforgettable culinary adventure together!

Check out our chef’s page to get to know all our chefs and their specialities.

The BonFeu Foodtruck with Baxel