We'll tell you all about our brand BonFeu and how it started

High quality

BonFeu makes an effort to develop products that are pleasant to use and suitable for delicious outdoor cooking.


Several BonFeu products can easily be extended with accessories to function as outdoor kitchens.

Dutch Design

BonFeu is a Dutch brand whose head office is also located in the Netherlands. All products are therefore designed here.

Who is BonFeu?

BonFeu is a brand specializing in garden fireplaces, fire pits, fire bowls, and more. We stand for recognizable, thoughtful design and high quality in all the products we develop. We find it important that our products contribute to an atmospheric setting in your garden. In addition, we are also very focused on outdoor cooking. In fact, many of our products serve as an ambiance maker and an outdoor kitchen at the same time. With our products, you can cook outside over an authentic fire!


The BonFeu BonVes 34 in the snow at night

Our Story

In 1999, chance played a major role in the development of the very first BonFeu patio fireplace. What was once supposed to be a good fireplace for one’s own garden quickly became a product for store shelves and later even a complete range that is now in more than one hundred stores all over the world.


So it all started with garden fireplaces; the BonBini and the BonSelo. What made these so special was that the BonSelo was not only a normal garden fireplace, but you could also cook with it. This was something that made us as BonFeu unique from other brands.

When it turned out that these garden fireplaces were doing so well, it was decided to expand the range. A total of eleven fireplaces have been developed over the years, so there is a fireplace for everyone that fits in their garden. With almost all BonFeu fireplaces you can cook, but that too has been expanded. Where with the first fireplaces you could only cook with a grill grid, you can now also cook with other accessories such as a plancha plate or a wok. With this, we literally got a taste for cooking.

Fire pits & Fire bowls

So what first started as an assortment of two garden fireplaces, quickly grew into much more. Soon we added more than just garden fireplaces to our assortment. Fire bowls and fire pits were added. Both the BonBowl (fire bowl) and the BonVes (fire pits) were a new challenge for BonFeu. After all, we were going to do something completely different with these than garden fireplaces. But these two also turned out to be a success. As a result, accessories were also created for these that make outdoor cooking possible. For both, there is a plancha and a grill grid.


Finally, one more product type was added; the BonBiza, the showpiece of our entire collection. With the BonBiza, the focus was put on outdoor cooking. It is a kind of large barbecue but for plancha baking. With the spacious plancha plate, you can make anything and everything simultaneously. So you can cook deliciously with it and it’s a real eye-catcher in any garden. As with the other BonFeu products, accessories were made for the BonBiza, but here we went one step further. With the BonBiza you can not only go plancha baking and grilling, but also other things like baking pizza in the pizza oven or making skewers with the skewer ring.

Creative and contemporary designs, based on current trends, but always with a certain robustness that guarantees longevity. Because of these core values, the BonFeu brand has become a leading player in the field of garden fireplaces, fire pits, fire bowls, and outdoor cooking.


For all seasons

What drives the interest in the BonFeu concept? We put it down to its unique simplicity, multi-functionality, and beautiful design, which together create a completely new way to cook and entertain outdoors. The multi-functionality of BonFeu products shows in all the various places they can be used and the different recipes you can prepare with them. From warming up after a day of skiing to making delicious food under the warm sun, anything is possible with BonFeu products. BonFeu is perfect for use everywhere, uniting everyone around the fire during all four seasons.

An outdoor lifestyle

BonFeu is designed for these moments of atmosphere and connection. The initial creation of the BonFeu products was fueled by a desire to transform an outdoor experience from a private activity into a shared one. The concept was first introduced in The Netherlands in 1999 and is now sold in countries all over Europe and even the world. Supported by a whole team, it has become possible to create a whole range of products that take your outdoor living and cooking experiences to another level. BonFeu has become a real lifestyle.

For private and professional use

It’s not just fans of great design and food who love BonFeu. Chefs also use the BonFeu products to transform their outdoor spaces and offer guests a dining experience like no other. Chefs also love the versatility of the product for catering events and workshops. BonFeu appears frequently at events, from small gatherings to large events.

The BonFeu BonBiza with chef Armijn

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What the BonFeu range consists of


The fireplaces of BonFeu have a timeless design. You can brighten up your garden with a beautiful fireplace and enjoy longer evenings with family and friends. The fireplaces are available in different models and sizes.

Fire Bowls

The stylish and robust fire bowls of BonFeu are a real eye-catcher in your garden. The fire bowls are of high quality and are made of 3mm thick CortenSteel. Also, they are available in four different sizes.


Many BonFeu products can easily be extended with grill grids and planchas to function as outdoor kitchens. With the BonFeu specials, you can grill, bake, or just enjoy an atmospheric fire.


The BonFeu collection is easy to expand with various accessories and parts. Many garden fireplaces are expandable with for example a plancha, a baking tray to serve delicious food. Also, different sizes of stove pipes are available.