About BonFeu

In 1999, coincidence played a major role in the development of the first BonFeu patio fireplace. What once had to become a good fireplace for the private garden, first became a single product and later a complete assortment that now lies in dozens of shops at home and abroad.

The BonFeu brand stands for a recognisable design, a well thought-out design and high quality. We always make every effort to develop fireplaces that are pleasant to use and are also suitable for delicious outdoor cooking.

Creative and contemporary designs, based on current trends, but always with a certain robustness that guarantees a long lifespan…

Precisely because of these core values, the BonFeu brand has now grown into a leading player in the field of garden fires, fireplaces and wood-burning stoves.

Timeless  fireplaces

The BonFeu fireplaces look stunning with their timeless designs.

Also, many garden fireplaces are equipped with nice extras such as a grill grid, a wok ring and/or a plancha. For comfort and safety, the 2019 models are equipped with a door with a spark guard.

BonFeu Garden Fireplaces

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