The BonFeu Gloves are a must-have for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Made from high-quality light brown suede, these gloves are the perfect balance between functionality and style. With a heat resistance of up to 500°C, the BonGloves provide reliable protection for all your BonFeu cooking needs. They are indispensable for operating all BonFeu cooking products such as the BonBiza and accessories like the planca and grills.

To maintain their heat resistance and longevity, it’s recommended to keep the gloves dry, so storing them indoors is advisable. As a distinctive touch, the glove has a BonFeu logo detail at the top. So upgrade your outdoor culinary experience with the BonGloves

Note! For your own safety, it is important to allow your BonFeu cooking unit to cool down before moving it around.

The BonFeu BonGloves when used for cooking


Material Suede
Color Light brown
Article number BGL
Includes A pair (two gloves)
Weight 0,35 kg
Dimensions L 35 x W 15 x H 5 cm