The BonFeu fire bridge allows you to hang cooking pots and grill grids above the fire, distributing heat evenly and preventing food from burning. This allows safe and effective outdoor cooking using an open fire. Easily adjust the distance from the fire and control the cooking temperature of your food and drinks by hanging pans and kettles on the four hooks with different lengths. The flexible, length-adjustable chain suspension of the grill grid offers extra versatility.
The BonFeu fire bridge is effortless to assemble and disassemble, and easy to carry for use on camping trips and other outdoor activities. An indispensable accessory for outdoor cooking enthusiasts, and also perfect for those who want to try a new and diverse way of cooking!

Note! The grill grid is not included with the BonBridge. You need to get it separately.



Material Steel
Color Black
Article number BFB
Weight 12,5 kg
Dimensions L 150 x W 46 x H 11 cm
Use with Fire bowls 60 to 120