BonGrill Full Circle

The BonGrill is made to create a unique barbecue experience. It’s available in four sizes (Ø 60cm, Ø 80cm, Ø100cm, Ø 120cm) and is made into a full circle. The BonGrill is made out of steel and executed with handles for easy and optimal use.


BonFeu BonBowl with grill with food
BonFeu BonBowl with full grill
BonFeu BonBowl with grill


BonGrill Full Circle Ø 60

Material Steel
Article number VGR6.600
Color Silver
Weight 4,2 kg
Dimensions L 70 x W 62 x H 3

BonGrill Full Circle Ø 80

Material Steel
Article number VGR6.800
Color Silver
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions L 88 x W 81 x H 3

BonGrill Full Circle Ø 100

Material Steel
Article number VGR6.1000
Color Silver
Weight 10,6 kg
Dimensions L 110 x W 101 x H 3

BonGrill Full Circle Ø 120

Material Steel
Article number VGR6.1200
Color Silver
Weight 13,5 kg
Dimensions L 130 x W 121 x H 3