BonGrill ø40cm

Enhance your outdoor kitchen with this handy grill, so your BonFeu products will become even more versatile. Simply place the grill in the centre of the BonBiza or BonPlancha full ø80cm. This allows you to use both the grill and plancha simultaneously.

The grill is made of high-quality steel and has a diameter of 40 cm. With this grill, you can easily prepare pieces of meat, vegetables or fish. Grease the ingredients to prevent sticking to the grill. The grill is easy to clean with water and a wire brush or scouring pad.

Note! The BonGrill ø40cm is included when buying the BonBiza, but is also separately available.


Cooking on the BonFeu BonBiza outdoor kitchen
BonFeu BonGrill on the BonBiza
The BonFeu BonBiza, with English Breakfast


Material Steel
Color Silver
Article number BGB
Weight 1,40 kg
Dimensions L 40 x W 40 x H 2 cm
Shape Round
Use with BonBiza/BonPlancha ø80cm (for BonBowl)