Lid (Ø60, Ø80 & Ø100)

The best way to protect your BonBiza or BonBowl, is to use the protective lid. This lid, made of black steel, offers excellent protection and durability. Depending on the product type, the lid is used differently between the BonBiza and the BonBowl (read below). The lid is available in three different sizes: Ø60, Ø80 and Ø100. This allows the lid to be used with different models.


The BonFeu BonBiza with the Lid
The BonFeu BonBiza with the Lid and snow
The BonFeu BonBiza with the Lid close up
The BonFeu BonBiza with the Lid with snow
The BonFeu BonBiza with the Lid with snow

BonBiza use

The Ø80 lid can be used for the BonBiza. When buying the BonBiza, this functional lid is essential to keep your outdoor kitchen beautiful for as long as possible. The lid fits over the dish and plancha to provide full protection when the BonBiza is not in use. This protects the product from weather conditions such as rain. In addition, when using the lid, the fire will go out faster due to the lack of oxygen.


BonBowl use

The lid can be used in all three sizes with the BonBowl (the Ø60 lid fits over the Ø60 fire bowl, the Ø80 lid fits over the Ø80 fire bowl, and the Ø100 lid fits over the Ø100 fire bowl). Again, the lid will provide weather protection when the fire bowl is not in use and the fire will go out faster.

Note! With the BonBowl, the lid CANNOT be used with the plancha still underneath. The plancha of the BonBowl should be taken off and stored inside (as it is loose). The lid is meant to protect the fire bowl. The Ø80 lid CAN fit over the BonBiza’s plancha.



Lid 60

Material Steel
Article number LID60
Color Black
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions Ø63 x 13 cm
Use with BonBowl 60

Lid 80

Material Steel
Article number LID80
Color Black
Weight 7 kg
Dimensions Ø83 x 13 cm
Use with BonBowl 80 & BonBiza

Lid 100

Material Steel
Article number LID100
Color Black
Weight 9,5 kg
Dimensions Ø103 x 13 cm
Use with BonBowl 100