The BonFeu logbag is a handy accessory in the garden. Easily carry many logs to your fire bowl in one go. With the logbag, you can carry 6 large logs in one go. This makes it easy to fill the BonFeu fireplace or fire pit and enjoy a beautiful fire for a long time.

The logbag is made of high-quality leather and fabric. As a result, the bag will still be of good quality when used a lot and moisture will be repelled from the leather.

The bag has two good handles that make it easy to move heavy logs. With a leather handle, the bag is comfortable to carry and you will not be bothered by cutting material. A leather strap secures the log bag and will prevent the logs from falling out.


The BonFeu Logbag with wood
The BonFeu Logbag with wood
The BonFeu Logbag with wood


Material Leather
Colour Brown
Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 50 x 59 x 1 cm