BonFeu BonPyra


The BonPyra is a beautiful patio fireplace with a height of 160 cm and a diameter of 50 cm at the bottom. The BonPyra has three legs that are characteristic of the BonFeu brand. It is equipped with a special tray to collect the ashes. The BonPyra also includes a spark screen.


Color: Black
Material: Steel
Dimensions: Ø 50 H 160 cm
Standard included: Spark screen and ash tray
Stove pipe diameter: 14 cm

BonPyra Black | 5003

BonFeu BonPyra

BonFeu BonPyra (fire)

BonFeu BonPyra side view

Experience the BonPyra

Experience the BonFeu BonPyra