BonFeu BonSolo


The BonSolo is one of our smallest fireplaces, but a real eye-catcher. It is equipped with a rotating grill and has a cut-out logo on the front. This logo gives great effect during fire. The BonSolo also has extendable legs which makes it easy to stabilize.

Color:  Black or Rust
Material: Steel
Dimensions: Ø 34 H 124 cm
Standard included: Grill grid and en poker
Stove pipe diameter: 10 cm


BonSolo Rust | 3401R
BonSolo Black | 3401

BonFeu BonSolo Black / Rusty

BonFeu BonSolo Rusty

BonFeu BonSolo Black

Experience the BonFeu BonSolo

BonFeu BonSolo Black