BonFeu BonTino


The BonTino has a similar look and feel as both the BonGiano fireplaces. However, the BonTino fireplace is slightly bigger with a diameter of 35 cm. Because of the bigger body, this fireplace gives an even more robust feeling. Because of the wider diameter and a height of 164 cm, you get a great fireplace with barbecue grill and wok ring for your garden.


Color: Black or Rust
Material: Steel or Corten steel (the rust variant is made of durable corten steel!)
Dimensions: Ø 35 H 153 cm
Standard included: Grill grid, wok ring, spark screen and lid.
Stove pipe diameter: 10 cm

BonTino Rust | 3501R
BonTino Black | 3501

BonFeu BonTino Black / Rusty

BonFeu BonTino Rusty

BonFeu BonTino Black

BonFeu BonTino Rust cooking option
BonFeu BonTino Black Cooking Option

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