BonVes 34

The BonVes 34 is a BonFeu fire pit and the little brother of the BonVes 45. The fire pits are made of steel giving a robust and durable feel. Its sturdy construction ensures stability, while its sleek design adds some style to your garden. And because of the perforated steel of the fire pit, you’ll have a view of the atmospheric flames and enjoy the warmth that radiates all around. And like with many of the BonFeu products, it is possible to cook with the BonVes 34.

The BonVes design

The BonVes is based on an old-fashioned washing machine drum. This type of fire pit, with a perforated drum, is known for its high heat output. In addition, the small holes in the steel have a great atmospheric effect during firing. So you can put on the fire at the bottom of the fire pit, but if you want the fire a little higher up (e.g. for cooking), you can simply hang the provided plateau with a handle at the height you want.

The BonVes is made of steel. Steel has the property, under humid circumstances, to rust. So keep in mind that the fire pit will rust. This process can occur quickly. But do not panic, this will give your BonFeu fire pit its robust and sturdy appearance!


The BonFeu BonVes 34 in the snow
The BonFeu BonVes 34 on the beack
The BonFeu BonVes 34 in the snow at night
The BonFeu BonVes 34 fire pit with plancha for cooking
The BonFeu BonVes 34 with plancha and food

BonVes Cooking

The unique thing about the BonVes fire pit is that it can also be used as a barbecue. Two accessories have been developed especially for cooking with the BonVes: the plancha 45 and the grill grid. Both are made with the specific BonVes 34 size and are perfect for cooking. The practical grill grid comes with your purchase of your BonVes and the plancha is available separately as an accessory. Both are very easy to place on and remove from the fire basket. So when you have finished cooking, you can simply take off the grill/plancha to enjoy an atmospheric fire.

In brief; the possibilities are endless: grilling, plancha baking, cooking. The BonVes fire pit provides you with a multifunctional fire pit.


There are also general cooking accessories that can be used for all BonFeu products, such as the BonFeu apron or oil jug. Click the button below to view all BonFeu accessories.

Accessories for the BonVes 34

Product picture of the BonFeu Plancha

Plancha Ø45

The plancha Ø45 is specially made for the BonVes 34. It turns your fire pit into a beautifully functional cooking appliance.

Product picture of the BonFeu Spatula

BonFeu Spatula

The BonFeu Spatula is a real essential for every cook who enjoys cooking. It will complete your cooking experience.

Product picture of the BonFeu Apron

BonFeu Apron

This apron is the perfect accessory for any cooking occasion. It is made of quality leather.




BonVes 34 Rust

Color Rusty brown
Material Steel
Includes Grill grid, poker, and middle plate
Shape Round
Fuel Wood
Article number 3402R
Weight 7 kg
Dimensions L 34 x W 34 x H 85 cm

BonVes 34 Black

Color Black
Material Steel
Includes Grill grid, poker, and middle plate
Shape Round
Fuel Wood
Article number 3402
Weight 7 kg
Dimensions L 34 x W 34 x H 85 cm