Garden fireplace questions

How do I choose the right BonFeu fireplace for my garden?

Choosing the right BonFeu fireplace for your garden is a fun and exciting process. To help you make the best choice, consider the following factors:

  1. Your Garden Size and Layout: start by assessing the size and layout of your garden. Larger gardens can accommodate bigger fireplaces like the BonTon, while smaller spaces might be better suited for smaller fireplaces like the BonGiano SP.
  1. Cooking Preferences: if you’re passionate about outdoor cooking, opt for a model that supports various cooking options. With the BonCarré you can grill, stew, use the plancha and much more. If you prefer just grilling, models like the BonBono with a rotating grill are excellent choices.
  1. Aesthetic Preferences: BonFeu fireplaces come in various designs and finishes. Choose a model that complements your garden’s aesthetic. The BonPyra, for instance, adds a touch of unique elegance, while the BonSolo brings a more traditional look.
To which BonFeu fireplaces do the connectors and the extra stove pipes fit?

Stove pipes: the extra stove pipe is available in 2 sizes: 44cm and 66cm. Both fit (directly) on the BonSolo, BonGiano SP/LP, BonCarré, BonTino and the BonTon 40.

Regular connector: the ordinary connector is also available in 2 sizes (45º and 90º). Both also fit (directly) on the BonSolo, BonGiano SP/LP, BonCarré, BonTino and BonTon 40.

Connector Ø120mm-Ø100mm: the connector Ø120mm-Ø100mm is specially made for the BonBono, so that you can also use the extra stove pipes with it. It is a connector with a thickening, allowing the thicker stove pipe of the BonBono to run into the narrower extra stove pipe. So to use the extra stovepipes with the BonBono, you need to use this connector!

Which BonFeu garden fireplaces can I cook with?

You can cook with almost all of BonFeu’s garden fireplaces! For whether or not you can cook with the garden fireplaces, there are 3 categories:

Fireplaces where you can cook exclusively with the rotating grill:
– BonBono
– BonSolo
– BonGiro
– BonSelo

Fireplaces where you can cook on the top, e.g. with the plancha:
– BonGiano SP/LP
– BonTino
– BonCarré

Fireplaces where cooking is not possible:
– BonTon
– BonPyra
– BonBini

How can I use the BonFeu fireplace for cooking?

With the different BonFeu garden fireplaces, you can cook in different ways.

With some of the fireplaces, you can only use the special rotating grill grid. This comes with the garden fire itself. You can turn the grill easily in and out of the fireplace without coming into direct contact with the fire. The grill can be used in two different positions and has two handles, making it easy to use.

The other part of the garden fireplace allows you to cook at the top of the fireplace. The fireplace comes with a lid and you can easily replace this lid with three different things: the BBQ grill, the wok ring or the plancha. All three go on top of the fireplace when you remove the lid. You can also flip the lid over and use it as a hot plate, for example to make a pot of tea.

What is the best way to light a fire in a BonFeu fireplace?
  1. Use dry and untreated wood
  2. Build the fire solidly in the shape of a tepee
  3. Light the fire with a match
  4. Fire in the best weather conditions with as little smoke as possible
  5. Always be safe!

For the full explanation, read the blog about lighting a BonFeu fire

How do I store my fireplace?

The BonFeu fireplaces can be left outside all year round. However, it is recommended to use the matching cover.