Plancha questions

How warm does the cooking plate get?

Depending on the weather conditions and the outdoor temperature, the cooking plate will reach a temperature of around 300˚C on the inner edge and around 200˚C on the outer edge.

How long does it take to heat up the plancha?

The time needed to heat up the plancha plate very much depends on the outdoor temperature. The time needed can range from 25-30 minutes during spring/summer to 45-60 minutes during fall/winter.

What are the sticky residues on my plancha?

The sticky residue is natural oil. We grease the plancha in beforehand, to prevent rusting during transport. The residue will slowly disappear with the use of the plancha. We always recommend re-greasing the plancha after use to prevent rusting. This will prevent the plancha from rusting in the future as well.

How do I clean the plancha?

After each use of the plate, it can easily be cleaned. First of all, it’s important to remove all food scraps and slide them into the fire. After the plate has cooled down, you can clean it with a wet cloth.

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How do I maintain the plancha?

It is important to keep the plancha baking plate greased at all times. Especially when storing the baking plate, it must be greased. This is because the baking plate is made of steel, which can rust over time.

To learn more about the plancha, you can read the special plancha blog.