Once summer arrives, we immediately want to make extra-long use of it and especially of the summer evenings. And where better to do this than in your own garden? In this blog, we explain how to make the most of summer, read on!

Atmospheric lighting

The sun is setting but you want to enjoy being outdoors even longer.  Then get out the candles for the table and light a BonFeu fire bowl. The fire bowls can be placed in the garden in various ways. A robust fire bowl from BonFeu is a special and sturdy option and immediately adds more atmosphere to your garden. In addition, a fire bowl is totally fun to roast marshmallows, corn cobs or crispy sausages over.

Summer music

What is a summer evening without music? Put a nice speaker in your garden and listen to the radio stations that bring out the best summer records or create your own playlist with your favourite music. Music evokes emotions and this way you create a nice ambiance.

Go for an outdoor kitchen

If you are a lover of cooking and enjoy entertaining others with your cooking skills, don’t let your outdoor space go unused. There is something special about cooking outdoors and it can be a success with one of our BonFeu fireplaces. With the BonFeu BonBiza Corten Open, you bring a special and versatile ‘barbecue’ into your home. The heat gradually radiates from the centre of the fire bowl to the edge of the griddle, giving this plancha multiple cooking temperatures, making it suitable for all kinds of applications, such as cooking vegetables or grilling meat.

Fresh? Make it warm

In the evening it always cools down a bit. A BonFeu garden fireplace then provides warmth and at the same time atmospheric lighting. This makes it a bit more pleasant to stay in the garden. BonFeu’s garden fireplaces are available in various sizes and colours. It is a real must-have for summer evenings and an added value for your garden. A commonly used material for outdoor fireplaces is Corten steel. This steel alloy has the characteristic of not rusting through. Corten steel is characterised by developing a beautiful even rust-brown colour, as you can see in the BonBono Rust. Do you prefer the colour black and a sleek garden? Then go for example for the BonFeu BonCarré in black.

Have you become enthusiastic and want to get a BonFeu fire in your home? Then take a look at our collection and choose your favourite heat source. For more information or questions, you can always contact info@bonfeu.nl.