A plancha and a grill are two popular items that, in combination with a fire bowl or garden fireplace, allow you to prepare delicious dishes outdoors. Both accessories offer unique advantages and are suitable for different types of dishes. In this blog, we will discuss the differences and similarities between a plancha and grill, as well as the advantages of each cooking accessory.

Baking food with a plancha

A plancha is a flat, smooth griddle used to cook delicious dishes on. The advantage of a plancha is that it is an indirect cooking method, which means dishes cook evenly. Still, on a plancha, there are several heat zones you can use. Planchas are also easy to clean and can be used to cook a wide range of dishes, from meat to greens and fish.

Grilling food with a grill grid

A grill rack on the other hand, is a traditional barbecue where dishes are grilled over an open flame. Grills offer a unique smoky flavour to dishes and are suitable for grilling larger cuts of meat such as a steak or chicken. However, because grills are open, there can be uneven heat generation and this can make it a little trickier to grill vegetables, for example.

Plancha en grill
Combining a plancha and grill

Did you know that there are also half planchas and grills that you can use on a firebowl at the same time? This offers the possibility of extending part of your dishes on the plancha and another part on the grill. It provides a lot of flexibility and allows you to cook several dishes at the same time.

Plancha and grills for fire pits

BonFeu’s plancha and grills are suitable for the BonFeu fire bowls, allowing you to combine the cosiness of open fire with the benefits of grilling or plancha baking. These plancha and grills are made of steel, which means they can withstand high temperatures and last a long time. They also come with handles, so you can easily move or remove them when you’re done grilling. In the range of BonFeu plancha and grills for fire pits, there are different sizes available, so they come in diameters of 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm and 120 cm.

Plancha and grills for garden fireplaces

Besides the plancha and grills for fire bowls, BonFeu has also designed special grills and planchas to use on your garden fireplace. This allows you to combine the cosiness of open fire with the culinary experience of grilling and baking. This means you can enjoy not only the warmth of the fire from your garden fireplace, but also a tasty meal prepared on the plancha or grill. These accessories are made of high-quality steel, which means they can withstand high temperatures and guarantee a long lifespan. In the BonFeu plancha for garden fireplaces range, there are various sizes available that are suitable for certain BonFeu fireplaces. The grill grids are often already included with the garden fireplace.

Plancha & Grill
Maintenance and cleaning

Proper maintenance of your plancha and grill grid is essential to ensure they last a long time and continue to perform optimally. It is important to warm up the plate and grill grid properly when using them for the first time. During this use, it is important to scrape off any oil residue. After use, you can scrape the food residues into the fire. This will ensure that the leftovers are burnt and easy to remove. After it has cooled down well, you can clean the plate and grill grid with warm water if necessary. Before storing the plate and grid, lubricate them with oil to prevent rusting.

If you are looking for a unique and cosy way of grilling, the planchas and grills for your BonFeu fire bowl or garden fireplace are definitely worth considering. It’s a great way to combine an open fire with the benefits of grilling or plancha baking. Do you still have questions about cooking with a plancha or grill grate? Then don’t hesitate to contact us at info@bonfeu.nl.